30.11.2019 Moscow, ROO KK "BEST SHOW"

Monobreed dog show "French bulldog" grade PK Expert: N. M. Bulelik (Belarus) SIGN OF FATE BRABUS - EXT. 1, CW, KCHK, PC, LC, BOS!!! DEMI MOORE DRIVE BABY-OTL 1., CW, KCHK!!! LE DON SOLAIRE VALKIRIYA-EXT. 1, CW, KCHK!!! IGNAVI SAKURA DLYA LE DON SOLAIRE-EXT. 1, CW, YPC, LIU color, LIU exhibition!!!!!!!!!!! 30.11.2019 Moscow, ROO KK " BEST SHOW DOG" The show in the ring: Vlada Derbasova Photo: Polina Lavrentieva